Undress Me video

"I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules."

So reads the description below "Undress Me," the latest viral video from Tatia Pilieva. That name might not sound familiar now, but remember the "First Kiss" video and all the awkward sexual tension jumping off the screen? She's the one responsible.

Pilieva, the "First Kiss" video director, filmed yet another clip, this time in collaboration with Showtime for Masters of Sex. This round, instead of asking strangers to kiss one another for the camera, she told them to take off each other's clothes and hop in the sack. "No rules." We repeat: No rules. Things are about to get out of control.

The "First Kiss" video was awkward in a different way and the simple act of a kiss turned into something a lot more performative. However, this new version feels a little more intrusive and a lot more awkward. Here it is, in all its glory:

We have a few thoughts, as outlined below.

  1. Interesting way to get people to undress. We see you, Showtime. Justifying this because "science."
  2. There is one couple whose sexual tension is off the charts (Dillon and Zumbi, although we could have sworn he said Zombie). We'd bet they're dating after this.
  3. The clip has all kinds of couples, young, old, gay, straight. Way to cover all your bases, Pilieva.
  4. Yet again, all of the participants are suspiciously good-looking. This does nothing for our self-esteem.
  6. Beautiful man-bun guy at 0:39. We love the man bun.
  7. Excuse me, guy at 1:21. Stop slut-shaming your partner by making it seem like she undresses dudes all the time.
  8. The entire video we're over here panicking that someone's underwear is going to head south along with their pants on accident. Are there emergency measures in place?
  9. Wow, some of these people are going at it. It's like a bonus "First Kiss" video but with a lot more groping. 

Who knows what's to come next? Strangers asked to #freethenipple? Strangers told to cook each other a nice steak dinner, no rules? Whatever comes, only one thing is certain: The video title will be WRITTEN LIKE THIS.

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