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When life handed Sarah Michelle Gellar lemons, she made lemonade!

Two months after CBS canceled The Crazy Ones, co-starring Robin Williams, the actress booked a new gig—although we can't imagine it's going to last long! Showing she's got a sense of humor, Gellar asked her 281,000 Twitter followers, "Got to earn a living somehow rt?" She included a winky-face emoticon.

By the looks of it, Gellar could go into the beverage business full-time if she so desired. The lemonade stand was adorned with white and yellow flags, and the actress served cookies in addition to ice-cold drinks. Freddie Prinze Jr.'s wife placed a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase for an added touch of elegance.

The couple's children—daughter Charlotte, 4, and son Rocky, 22 months—were not in the photograph. Still, it seems likely that the lemonade stand was an early business venture for the TV stars' elder child.

Gellar didn't reveal how much each item costs, but no matter—she's already got several prospective patrons. "I would totally buy from that stand," one fan tweeted. Another follower referenced Buffy the Vampire Slayer, writing, "Who wouldn't buy lemonade from you? Lets have a cup and discuss vampires."

She didn't appear to have much competition, which worked in her favor. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, Jenny McCarthy's son Evan made $140 at his own lemonade stand. Not bad for a 12-year-old!

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