Jersey is back, though not on the happiest of terms. 

Dina Manzo has returned, though now she's dealing with separating from (while continuing to sleep with) her cheating husband. There were some heartbreaking scenes tonight as Teresa's friends and family dealt with her ongoing legal problems. Melissa and Dina were both shown comforting Teresa, and Teresa's oldest daughter Gia tearfully revealed to her mother that she understood what the family was going through. 

On a happier note, three new women have joined the show. Amber Marchese has been cancer-free for five years. She has a Masters in Bio-behavioral studies/Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and is an old friend of Melissa's.

Teresa Aprea and her twin sister Nicole Napolitano are best friends. Teresa first married her husband Rino in 1991, divorced him, and then got married again after 11 years apart. She helps her husband run their successful restaurants in New York. Nicole has two kids, works in private aviation, and lives with her parents(!). 

Of course, it's not a proper Housewives episode without a social function of some sort, so Amber threw a harvest party, and basically everyone was invited, including her old college friend, Melissa. The two hadn't spoken in quite a while, and their reunion was a little rough. 

Amber seemed to resent the fact that while she had gone to college (for a degree in exercise physiology? What is that?), Melissa had apparently just wanted to marry for money. Melissa also had no idea that Amber had even had cancer, despite having supposedly sent Amber a (now deleted) message about it on Facebook. So these two are clearly great friends. 

At the harvest party, we also learned that Teresa A.'s husband Rino was circumcised at age 27! Great! 

Teresa G. later threw her own party for Joe's grandmother's birthday, at which Joe made a touching speech, thanking his family for their support, and shared a teary-eyed hug with his oldest daughter. 

So what did you think? Do you like the new cast members? Are you happy to have Dina back? Did you tear up a bit whenever Gia did? Let us know in the comments!

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