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Sunday is back to being absolutely packed with TV, and we could not be happier. Masters of Sex returned tonight, which is basically the best, and True Blood delivered a pretty good hour of television while The Leftovers continued to confound us. Plus, Big Brother continued on its quest to get rid of Devin, and Devious Maids ended its season with a wedding and a shooting. All that and more in tonight's OMG moments! 

Masters of Sex: Season 1's finale left us with Bill at Virginia's door, and the season 2 premiere put him in her bed. They're having an official affair now, without the wires and the guise of science, but they refuse to call it that, because Bill is, of course, happily married.

Aside from their tryst, Bill, Virginia, and even Libby are rather haunted by Bill's disastrous decision to show a masturbating woman to a bunch of doctors. Libby is called "brave" for taking her son to a doctor's appointment, while Virginia is creeped on by the doctors who rightfully assumed that she was the masturbating woman. Virginia now sells diet pills, and Bill is unemployed, until the return of Betty, one of the prostitutes from the brothel where Bill originally started his tests. Betty's husband is willing to get Bill a job at a hospital – the point being, however, that he has to help get the sterile Betty pregnant. 

True Blood, Kristin Bauer van Straten

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True Blood: Sookie & Eric! Hoyt and Jason (over the phone)! Arlene and Terry's ghost and also everyone, because she was saved! It was a night full of lovely reunions, though a sad one for Hoyt and Jason, since Hoyt no longer remembers Jason, and it was because Hoyt's mother had died. We learned that Fangtasia was originally a video rental store, and Arlene nearly died in the battle when her friends came to save her from Fangtasia's basement, and it was all in all a pretty solid episode of True Blood, the likes of which we haven't seen in quite a while. 

Devious Maids: Holy finale Batman! Within one episode, Rosie and Spence got engaged and married, Zoila learned she was pregnant after cheating on Javier with Pablo, and Rosie and Spence's wedding ended with a masked Ty drive-by shooting at the wedding guests, aiming for Valentina, and it was one ridiculously wild ride of TV. 

Big Brother: We did not envy Nicole and Derrick's position this week, as they had to figure out who to put on the block in order to get rid of Devin. They planned to separately nominate Caleb and Amber, so that Caleb would throw the competition to save Amber, the ladylove of his dreams. Nicole tried to discuss her plan with supposed friend and Big Brother expert Donny, who immediately ran and told a bunch of people. Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta, while Nicole nominated Amber and Donny.

This did not go over well in the house. Devin immediately knew what was going on, and Donny was not pleased at all with being nominated. Devin's new plan was to "show some grace" and try to make everyone like him again (fat chance). Nicole apologized to Donny, and he claimed she never told him to not tell anyone, though we totally remember her saying to keep it quiet.

In the Battle of the Block, Caleb did indeed manage to throw the competition, allowing Amber and Donny to stay safe for the week, meaning we're one step closer to getting rid of Devin once and for all.

Side notes: How cute are Hayden and Nicole? And why does Victoria care so much about Frankie's sister? And why is it such a big deal for Frankie to keep the fact that his sister is Ariana Grande a secret? Is it because he has nothing else to do?

So what did you watch tonight? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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