Stop the Beauty Madness

Sick of basing your worth off a number on the scale or the number of 'likes' on your Instagram? Then Stop the Beauty Madness has a message for you.

The new positive body-image campaign promotes women of all makes—thin or plus-sized, "pretty" or not—to fight back against impossible beauty standards that permeate society.

"Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the 'ideal' image," the website's mission statement reads. "We are determined to Stop the Beauty Madness in our ourselves, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters."

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Stop the Beauty Madness

The 25-series campaign showcases images of real women with gut-wrenching messages attached. But this isn't a guilt trip—the ads are meant to inspire women to reexamine their current self-concept.

In an ad tackling the never ending need to lose weight, the legs and arms of a young girl appear sans torso. Filling the noticeably empty space is only the phrase 'are we there yet?'  Another haunting shot shows a particularly wide thigh gap, with arrows measuring the 'worth' in between.

It's not just weight issue that Stop the Beauty Madness wants to eradicate—it's the concept of Photoshop-fabricated beauty.

Stop the Beauty Madness

As for the brazen campaign's mission, it's less about changing how women view themselves and more into challenging the world to rethink the skin-deep value of beauty. And that's where the haunting ad of a young girl pops up, describing to onlookers her single ambition: to be pretty.

"We are here in mass to disturb the peace in beautiful, powerful ways. We are here to create a new culture around beauty," the website reads. "We are here to save ourselves and our children from our own childish and destructive obsessions. We are here to stand tall, AS IS, and get on with our lives."

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