EC Recap, EP 106

On this week's episode of Escape Club, we learn that there is no such thing as true friendship and just because someone is eliminated...doesn't mean they won't return!

Still coping with the sudden elimination of hookup buddy Whitney Coulas, Andrew Dean turns to Aundre Dean for friendship and support. Jesse Blum has breakfast with his new team, which he proved himself loyal to by betraying others.

The escapees are off for a fun day adventure on dune buggys followed by a picnic!

EC Recap, EP 106

During the picnic, the group receives another note informing them that at dinner, they will get to choose which eliminated escapee will get to return! Talk about a new twist...

Donny Ghilardi talks to Jesse about possibly bringing Elly Kho back, but Jesse doesn't think she deserves to be there. Donny then convinces Jesse to vote for Matt Heagy instead.

Everyone gathers around the table that night and puts in their votes, but the answer won't be revealed until the next morning.

The next morning, a boat is spotted in the distance. It's Elly!

EC Recap, EP 106

As it turns out, Donny, Lisa Baldassarre and Meagan Reedy convinced Jesse to vote for Matt as the throwaway vote since he wouldn't agree to vote for Elly. They only needed three votes to get Elly back and their plan was a success!  But now Jesse feels betrayed...

That afternoon, the escapees are treated to a luxury spa experience, but while getting massages, Lisa and Meagan overhear Aundre telling Elly that her friends only plan to vote her off right away again. Looks like Aundre's stirring up some trouble...

EC Recap, EP 106

Later, Elly confronts her friends and they insist that they voted for her to return because they wanted her there. Now her mind is playing tricks on her...

Aundre continues to play with Elly's head by planting a seed of doubt and tries to convince her to team up with him. Donny notices Elly's suspicious behavior and quickly alerts his other teammates, although Meagan is convinced that Elly will remain loyal to the group.

Jesse goes to have a talk with Donny, Lisa and Meagan to find out why they betrayed him. Meagan and Jesse get into a fight and he walks out of the room, which leaves them to wonder what his next move is going to be at dinner.

At the dinner table, Aundre stuns his opponents by claiming that he wanted Elly back and immediately Meagan goes off on him, calling Aundre a liar!

EC Recap, EP 106

After everyone puts their votes in, Elly starts to read them out loud. The final verdict: Aundre is going home!

Jesse and Elly ended up voting for Aundre to be eliminated, which proves their loyalty to their team. Turns out that Elly didn't believe Aundre's claims nor did she trust him. Everyone is really happy with this outcome except for Andrew Dean, who is now all alone...

Andrew and Aundre share a bro moment before Aundre gets on the boat and leaves for good!

EC Recap, EP 106

Now that his only friend is gone, will Andrew manage to survive by himself? Or will he have to form a new alliance?

Tune-in for an all-new episode of Escape Club next Tuesday at 8/7c on E!

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