Dana Carvey


Now there's the funnyman we know!

Dana Carvey revived one of his all-time greatest Saturday Night Live hits Thursday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, solemnly taking to the piano to perform "The Lady I Know"—perhaps more popularly known as "Choppin' Broccoli"—with a full orchestra.

And it was as hilarious as we remember it from the very early '90s.

The vibe of the whole song has always been to make nonsensical lyrics sound super-serious, as, Carvey first explained the bit more than 20 years ago.

"This is my impression of a very pretentious rock star..." he said on SNL. "All you have to do is flair your nostrils, look like you're about to vomit, everything you're about to say is terribly important, [it] doesn't have to make any literal sense."

And so it didn't, then or now.

"She's cold as ice, um...paradise!" the now 59-year-old Carvey, still looking reassuringly boyish in a suit and thick-framed glasses, sang to great effect. "And the feelin', whoa the feelin'...was nice!"

Cue the strings.

"And the lady, she went downtown," the song continued, Carvey's eyes darting like a deer in headlights. "She bought some broc-co-li...she brought it ho-ome..."

Watch and enjoy—and check out his original rendition below!

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