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We all have those friends on Snapchat we wish would just get the eff out of our top three. The ones who share way too much, who send selfie after selfie and whose blurry pictures we would prefer not to have forced upon us. If we have to watch another 230-second Snapchat Story of your awful concert footage, we will not hesitate to block you.

Here are ten of the absolute worst types of Snapchat friends. We're all guilty of some of these snaps from time to time, but to consistently be the person sending these? Please reevaluate your existence on the app.

1. The Suspiciously Flawless

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If every Snapchat you send happens to be on a Friday night, before going out, with your makeup looking ***flawless and at a MySpace angle, you fall under this category. This Snapchatter only sends flattering pictures and refuses to poke fun at himself/herself. The worst type of person. If you can't laugh at yourself, we'll try to do it for you.

2. The Play-by-Play

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We all have that one friend who sends Snapchat after Snapchat after Snapchat. We do not care that you're on the train, and you're now at work, and you've now made it safely to your desk, and you're now guzzling iced coffee. Please do not Snapchat Story every miniscule occurrence of your day because we will be forced to watch them in order to get rid of those pesky notifications. And we may begin to hate you for it.

3. The DrUnK

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We've all fallen into this Snapchat category at some point, snapping our crushes, best friends and mothers while under the influence. And that's okay. The key here is moderation. If you're sending drunk Snapchats on the reg, you should slow down and also maybe consider curbing your drinking. If you're already drunk (which is a distinct possibility because it is a Friday afternoon), please limit the number of snaps you're sending.

4. The Serial Screenshot


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We do NOT send out hideous Snapchats with the hope one of our friends will have one finger on the home button and one on the lock button, ready to pull the trigger. If you're screenshotting our Snapchats, you're blocked. Goodbye and good day.

5. The My Story Absentee


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We all have those people we just WISH would consistently view our Stories. The ex, the current flame, the high school ex-friend who we're obviously doing far better than. Please just look at our cool My Stories so we can feel validated about ourselves.

6. The Swoll Patrol

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Show us a Snapchat sent at the gym and we can show you the biggest loser to ever grace the app. It's cool you're getting your fitness on and all that, but you don't need to not-so-humble brag about it. The worst perpetrators? Those who take mirror pics while weight lifting.

7. The Selfie Central

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If 99 percent of your Snapchats are of your face, you've fallen under the category of Snapchatters we love to hate. We enjoy being your friend but do not find it necessary to see your face on an hourly basis.

8. The Basic

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You know who you are. You're the person sending Snapchats of the World Cup game you're watching at work, the presents under the tree during the holidays, the Fourth of July golf course fireworks, and the New Years Eve countdown. Here's the problem: WE'RE ALL DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. Putting it on Snapchat for everyone to view is unnecessary. We all would appreciate a little creativity every once in a while.

9. The Top Chef: Snapchat Edition

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We admire a good meal as much as the next online publication, but there is absolutely no need to document your breakfast cereal preferences. Unless you are LITERALLY a contestant on Top Chef, chances are your Snapchat friends don't care you know how to sauté spinach.

10. The Conversationalist

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It's perfectly fine to fire a few Snapchats back and forth between friends, but there comes a point where it's time to take the talking elsewhere. If you're someone who expects to have a conversation via those (way too tiny) Snapchat lines of text, don't. Stop that.

Here's to hoping if you fall under one of these categories, you take the hint, but always remember:

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