The 24 Most American Things That Happened During the 2014 World Cup

Fans chugging beers and taking selfies...that's as patriotic as we can get

By Jenna Mullins Jul 11, 2014 5:44 PMTags

The United States men's team got knocked out of the World Cup last week, and we are just now getting over it. It's a bummer, because everyone all over the country was just so damn patriotic! 

But with the final games upon us and the end of soccer/football/futbol action just around the corner, we just want to take this time to recap and honor the 24 most American things that happened during the 2014 World Cup:

1. First of all, just getting out of the Group of Death when no one thought we would was very American of us:

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

We're stubborn and probably won for pure spite and to prove doubters wrong. Suckers.

2. Captain Clint Dempsey scoring a goal with his crotch:


3. This mention of Chuck Norris:


4. Spelling out "U-S-A" in chicken wings:

5. This guy:

David A. Smith/Getty Images

6. And this guy:

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

7. The goosebump-inducing "I believe that we will win!" chant:

8. That time we obviously had to bring up our trips to the moon:

9. When Tim Howard quickly became a national hero, icon and meme:

He can save anything.

10. He was such a great American that President Obama called him personally:

U.S. Soccer/Twitter

11. That time that USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann wrote a note to excuse everyone from work so they could watch the U.S.-Germany game:

12. This U.S. fan chugging and then spilling beer all over himself:

Mario Tama/Getty Images

13. This small child who is already more patriotic than most:

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

14. National treasure Tom Hanks taking a photo of his famous family watching the game:

15. These two bros getting a selfie in:


16. When Waffle House called for a ban on Belgium waffles before the USA-Belgium game:

17. When this dude dressed as Teddy Roosevelt:


18. And this dude dressed as Abraham Lincoln:

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

19. When everyone was confused by the USMNT acronym that was all over Twitter:

20. When even NFL players, who play what is truly America's most popular sport, got into the World Cup spirit:

U.S. Soccer/Twitter

Hey, Colts QB Andrew Luck! (Please take us to the Super Bowl).

21. When cities all over the country were taken over by World Cup fans, like in Chicago:

U.S. Soccer/Twitter

22. The "U-S-A!" chant that constantly echoed through the land:

23. When we reminded the world about our own game against Germany after they destroyed Brazil in the semifinals:

Just saying.

24. But one of the most American things that happened during the World Cup was everyone talking about how they just don't care about the World Cup:

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