Botched Before and After: $100,000 Justin Bieber Look-Alike, Misplaced Vagina and More—See the Pics!

By Carrie Dilluvio Jul 14, 2014 3:01 AMTags
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On this Sunday's brand new Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif met with three fascinating patients.

The first was Toby Sheldon, who had spent over $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. The second was Charlotte who was an all-around California girl, except she had saggy "grandma boobs." The final patient was Desiree White who had a tummy tuck in Mexico which resulted in her vagina being misplaced!

Toby discusses his previous surgeries explaining that he's had work on his cheeks, temple, lips and chin plus liposuction and fat injections. He explains that his girlfriend reacted by saying, "'Damn, what the hell did you do? I thought it was just going to be your lips!'  My girlfriend doesn't really like Justin."

But, his girlfriend's opinion doesn't phase him. He's a dedicated Belieber for life.

Then we meet Charlotte, who is a sweet California girl with extremely saggy "grandma boobs." She got her implants when she was 17, thinking it was the cool thing to do. Those implants were a C cup and she wanted them to be redone after having her children, because they were sitting a little low.

However, by that time her doctor had retired, and her new doctor ended up giving her a triple D cup. The first implants she had were saline and sat above the muscle, which caused rippling, so the next doctor put in silicone implants, twice the size. Bad idea.

Charlotte feels terrible because her dad sold his boat to pay for her botched surgery, so she hasn't told him how unhappy she was with the results. 

Aside from her dad, Charlotte's main concern was fitting comfortably into a bridesmaid's dress for her sister-in-laws upcoming wedding. Her sister insists on having the girls wear strapless dresses, which gives Charlotte so much anxiety because strapless things don't fit her properly. 

Charlotte then meets with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif for her consultation, and they discover that one of her implants may have flipped while inside her. It is now upside down. The doctors understand Charlotte's hope of having smaller breasts with their help, but they are a little worried about cutting too much skin off and taking too much blood supply because that can result in killing off her nipple.

However, they go ahead which her procedure, giving her hope that she will have her life back! 

Meanwhile, Toby is in the studio, making music like his idol Justin. 

Watch the clip to hear if he sounds like Justin!

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Next we meet the energetic Desiree White.

Desiree went to a doctor in Tijuana to get her previous tummy tuck and things went about as bad as they could possibly go. There was no anesthesiologist.

Instead, nurses put two huge blocks of ice on her and the doctor insisted she wouldn't feel a thing.

Hear her tell the crazy story!

Watch: Is Tummy Tuck Repair Surgery Too Risky?

Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif discuss Desiree's situation before they meet with her.

They learn that she lost the skin between her belly button and her vagina and it pulled up her vagina. Dr. Dubrow confesses, "I've never seen this before."

He goes on to tell Desiree, "You have a really significant problem." 

Meanwhile, Charlotte gets the courage to tell her dad that her second surgery was botched after he sold his boat to pay for her surgery. She explains, "I haven't told you anything, because I felt really bad." 

Then it is time for Charlotte's surgery! They prep her and get ready to reduce her breasts. 

Dr. Dubrow believes that her implants were way too big for the size of Charlotte's body, and he replaces them to a smaller size, going from 600cc to 375cc. He explains that he's downsized her breasts, placed the implants under the muscles and tightened the pockets.

Although her results were good after he put in the new implants, he decided to go ahead and also give her a lift, based on what she had voiced that she wanted. 

He explains, "She had a lot of loose lack skin, I took enough skin out of her to line a small football."

Based on her previous, terrible experience, Desiree's mother Carolyn wants to meet with the Dr. Dubrow to make sure he is going to take good care of her daughter.

She grills him and while he is happy to answer her questions, he points out, "Maybe she should have asked the surgeon in Mexico those questions too..."

Dr. Dubrow is in good spirits and ready to save the day before Desiree's surgery. 

They do liposuction and take out enough fat to be about the size of a breast implant, and then they begin the procedure of cutting the skin down and making it lower so she can wear a bikini and hide her scar.

He finds a lot of scar tissue and realizes she lost a huge amount of skin. 

After Desiree's successful surgery, the doctors have their consultation with Toby. He admits that he has paid well over $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. He's had hair transplants, lip procedures, chin reductions, liposuction and Botox.

And now he wants a forehead and jaw reduction. 

Dr. Nassif doesn't get the Bieber obsession. 

The doctors are worried about how many complications can come from the procedures that Toby is asking for. 

If anything goes wrong, he could like like this:

They feel the cons out weigh the pros and they ultimately decide to not operate on Toby. 

It's the day of Charlotte's check in and she is extremely sore and feeling exhausted. She desperately wants to know if Dr. Dubrow thinks she will be ready in a month to wear a strapless dress to the wedding. He replies, "Definitely! No question about it."

Besides her constipation, they think everything looks great.

Dr. Dubrow decides to remove one of the drains to prevent any chances of future infection.

Desiree is overjoyed with her final results and exclaims, "My coochie has returned to its rightful spot!" 

Desiree is overjoyed with her final results and exclaims "My coochie has returned to its rightful spot!" 

Charlotte fully recovers and she's ecstatic with her results!

She makes it to her sister-in-law's wedding and everyone's amazed in how she looks in her strapless dress!

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