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It's eviction night in the Big Brother house, and the drama is just as we like it: Dramatic! Devin is slowly losing his hold on the other houseguests, and they're all turning on him, loudly and angrily.

As Brittany revealed after last night's Power of Veto ceremony, she knew the whole time that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition. Paola then declared that Devin is a horrible person, and Zack agreed, though he sort of threw Frankie under the bus in the process (RIP Zankie?)

Zack also reminded us that the entire point of the Bomb Squad was that none of them would get put on the block, and that lasted about ten seconds. Zack tried to apologize to Frankie, and then argued with Paola, who claimed she didn't actually throw the competition. Sure.

Devin then did some "math" and decided that Hayden could replace Zack in the Bomb Squad, because apparently he can't tell that the Bomb Squad is on the verge of imploding. Hayden agrees to join, but secretly plans to destroy the alliance from within. Weirdo Alliance forever! 

Team America seems to be of the opinion that Paola should go. Derrick attempts to convince Caleb of the same thing, and Frankie's also in on it. When Frankie informs Devin of the plan, due to fear of him going ballistic, Devin outright quits the Bomb Squad and plans to go solo, saying that the house is going to have to destroy a father's love for his daughter in order to win. Okey dokey!

When it's time for the vote, it seems that there's not going to be quite as much agreement as there was last week, when literally everyone voted to evict Joey after her crime of trying to start and all-girl alliance. However, in the end, only Jocasta and Donny – Paola's best friends in the house – vote for Zack in an attempt to go against Devin.

In her exit interview with Julie, Paola seemed to have no idea what was going on, blaming Devin for her eviction, even though if Devin had his way, Zack would have been evicted. It's too bad we didn't get to see more of Paola's friendship with Donny, because that pair sounds adorable. 

The Head of Household competition this week involved very little skill and a whole lot of luck as they tried to hit balls into slots with random points assigned to them. Nicole and Derrick got the most points, making them the new Heads of Household.

Have we just witnessed the start of the fall of Devtopia? Is Devin the next to go? Are all of our Big Brother 16 dreams about to come true? We can only hope!

Julie then announced that all of the houseguests are wearing bracelets that track their activity levels, and you can check up on each of them online, which is odd but sort of interesting.

So what did you think? Are you glad Paola went home? Do you think this means bad things for Devin? Do you feel kind of bad for Devin's baby daughter, who will no doubt watch this some day and be rather ashamed of her father? Let us know in the comments!

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