Didn't expect to see this today? Well, that's understandable.

It's not every day that you think you'll catch a glimpse of Jason Kennedy wearing a bright blue dress that doesn't even cover his chest (cleavage alert!), but thanks to Job Swap Week on E! News, it happened.

As part of the fun game, Kennedy took the place of Giuliana Rancic's assistant who was out sick, and part of his duties was to try on some of G's wardrobe options. The problem? The outfit just didn't exactly fit right.

"First off, this is all wrong. Giuliana would never wear this. She's not a street-walker," Kennedy exclaimed while changing behind the curtain, and then emerged with his (censored) bare chest exposed. Well, hello there.

Jason poked fun at the clip on his Instagram, posting a photo of himself in the frock and writing, "Eyes up here people! #CareerLow #Tonight #Enews"

Watch the funny clip!

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