Pamela Anderson

Jacopo Raule/GC Images

Pamela Anderson is putting her feelings on paper.

The 47-year-old stunner took to her Facebook page to share a lengthy poem she penned last week, just two days after she officially filed for divorce from Rick Salomon following the former couple's second attempt at marriage.

And while the mother of two does not specifically address her ex in the text, Anderson does share her unfiltered thoughts on love, men and even prostitution.

Read on to see the top 10 (and most eyebrow-raising) lines in Pamela's heartfelt poem:

•"I love being in love-- but expectations, 
make it impossible to be happy- 
or satisfied..."

"Tradition...just seemed so romantic..., 
I guess it's a used up ideal --
for the old fashion...
not modern..."

"Ordering sex on line- 
is like ordering a book on Amazon-- 
and ... snooping eats you alive-- 
A mirrored action. obsessive love...
unhealthy, hopeless- knocked sideways—"

•"No man knows what to do with me-- 
I blame myself-- 
To play with me, is eternal-- 
I'm not 'on the clock' or... 
on the 'payroll'—"

"I knew it was wrong from the start-- 
primitive-- base instinct..
Never marry a rich man...
Euros from a Vagabond.."

•"I wonder how prostitution works- 
Does it ever feel good?
Lost little souls - being taken advantage of-- 
or taking advantage of- 
Is it just for money? Is it for attention? 
or --- both—"

•"I know I won't compete with a computer--
or - a gaggle of hollywood boys hiring poor 
Russian girls to swallow loaves of bread 
up their anus'?-"

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•"I miss PLAYBOY- 
The End of an Era-- 
Chivalry, elegance-
Celebrated imperfections - 
differences... hot---passionate dreamy scenes...
The girl next door-- shyness-- "it's my first time"
but - not my last....(wink)"

"Is it healthy, to be fantasied about...
by many men --? 
Isn't that the goal- 
How many can we effect-- 
It's natural-- to want to be desired—"

•"You know- It's not freaky enough, 
to just be beautiful-- 
I've never felt beautiful- 
I always felt sexual... and blind..
oh wowwy... I'm losing my mind-- 
I'm shutting down-- It's such a strange feeling...
going numb... in front of everyone----"

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