"It's just like any other Thursday. Except I was nominated for an Emmy. Oh, and I did have a pretty good smoothie."

This is what Fargo star Allison Tolman cracks when asked how her day is going. But of course course, truth is, no one is more excited this year, as Fargo marks Tolman's first ever role. In anything, really. And TV's biggest breakout star of the year cannot stop pinching herself.

"I'm honestly still catching up to it all," she tells me with a quiver in her voice. "A year ago,  I was auditioning for this role without any hope of anything more than showing my agent that I was up to audition. This year has been utterly unbelievable in every way. Too fantastic to be believed."

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To celebrate both of their Emmy nominations—and a whopping 18 nods for FX's Fargo overall—Allison and costar Billy Bob Thornton are giving Fargo fans exactly what they wanted, but never got! The one scene they waited 10 episodes to see, to no avail: A  face-off between Lorne Malvo (Thornton) and Molly (Tolman).

As you fans will remember, Malvo and Molly never even met, even though the entire series was, ultimately, about her hunting him. Molly didn't get to be the one to take down Malvo, because, as writer Noah Hawley put it, "This is a ‘true story.' And that's just not the way it happened."

But, but, but...What if it did?!

Press play on the video above to finally get that Molly and Malvo showdown!!

We're obsessed. Thank you, Allison and Billy Bob, for making our Fargo dreams come true.

Should Fargo win all the awards this year? You betcha. And you're darn tootin'. And every other affirming Fargo-ism in the book!

P.S. to Fargo fans: Check back tomorrow for much more from Billy Bob Thornton, who is quite literally the cat's meow.

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