LeAnn Rimes, "ONE Christmas" Tour Announcement


Tis at least bikini season!

Not as if she ever needs an excuse, but LeAnn Rimes recently hit the beach in the skimpiest of black bikinis and, in this particular case, she felt it necessary to explain. Considering she was surrounded by Santa's elves and all.

"I'm on a beach in a parka to announce my Christmas tour," the country artist sings in a voiceover track to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas." "Why on a beach? It's 89 degrees. Wearing a parka. I must be crazy. But you already know that..."

As the video goes on, the elves can be heard mumbling their assent to her claim of craziness, but is that English? Or Elvish? And then LeAnn sings the various locations of the locations where her One Christmas Tour will stop, kicked off with something "really, really special in New York City" that she can't tell us about right now.

She also gives the occasional pat to the inflatable hippo at her side and then ditches the parka and starts running down the beach, much to the elves' consternation.

Yes, it's all very strange. And it's "to be continued."

"I'm going on a Christmas tour! Next time I'm hiring unicorns and fairies, not elves," she tweeted to go along with the video teaser, which ends with all of the dates listed, minus NYC, which will come in the form of its own special announcement.

Fa la la la la, indeed.

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