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We love us some reality TV drama, and this season of Big Brother sure is bringing it! Plus, tonight brought The Bridge back for its second season, and So You Think You Can Dance lost its first dancers from the Top 20. All that and more happened on our TV screens tonight, so if you're caught up, join us as we relive it all. 

The Bridge: The FX drama is back with a brand new villain, played by Franka Potente, and she's already pretty dang scary, cutting off the ears of bank assistants and murdering houses full of people. Meanwhile, Marco is still dealing with his divorce and Gus' murder, and now with one of his men trying to shoot him. Sonya still wants answers for Dobbs' murder of her sister, but she can't seem to get them from Dobbs due to his brain damage, so she goes for his brother, Jack. And by "goes for," we mean she slept with him, obviously.

Tonight's season premiere also featured our favorite guest star of the week: Kevin from The Office (Brian Baumgartner) showed up as Frye's AA sponsor. He was wearing a Rush t-shirt, and it was great, but we're not sure we trust Kevin to sponsor anyone in much of anything (except chili making).

Big Brother: It's official: Devin is insane. He's also currently the most powerful houseguest after winning the Power of Veto. We were positive that if Devin had his way, Brittany would be going home after his random vendetta against her. Instead, he decided to surprise everyone and veto her nomination, while nominating Zach instead after Zach tried to defend the rest of the Bomb Squad. Devin even proposed his own planet, named Devtopia, and we are terrified. Remember when we thought Devin had nice arms? Now we know they're just big because they're full of evil. We cannot wait to watch this whole situation to explode on the next episode!

In other, more fun news, Frankie, Derrick, and Donny have all been named members of Team America. To find each other, they had to make sentences out of the code words "apple pie" and "bald eagle." Donny was so happy to just happen to have a picture of apple pie on his cup, and we're pretty happy with this Team America twist. Will America vote to have them "make two houseguests kiss" or whatever the other thing was? We'll have to wait to find out! But really, it'll be the kissing thing.

So You Think You Can Dance, Top 20 Contestants

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So You Think You Can Dance: It's the first top 20 elimination and the first week of official partnerships. We're not even one bit surprised at the first guy to goThe Nick Show bothered us last week, when we barely even noticed Tanisha in their ballroom routine, and not in a good way. This week, he stole the spotlight from his new partner, Jessica, who was one of our faves last week, in a pretty mediocre west coast swing routine. We were a tad surprised to see Malene go, but we weren't particularly attached to her either, and that lame-o phone routine didn't showcase her talent enough to save her.

Now for the good: Carly and Serge danced to a Sam Smith song, and we were so, so into it. Also, Jourdan and Marcquet's table routine reminded us vaguely of Neil and Sabra's table routine from Season 3. Neil and Sabra were better, but Jourdan and Marcquet were pretty good, too. 

So what did you think? Did the right dancers go home? Has Devin completely lost his mind? Are you glad to have The Bridge back on your TV? Sound off in the comments!

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