Brandi Glanville, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2

Richard McLaren/Bravo

Brandi Glanville is playing defense on social media.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was under fire yet again by Twitter users who blasted the reality star for posting a photo on the social media website that they felt was "inappropriate." The controversial picture in question? A snapshot of her two sons Jake, 7, and Mason, 11, in their underwear while trying to put together a desk.

She captioned the photo, "My little builders are trying to build Jakes desk!!"

But if you know anything about Brandi, you know that she wasn't about to let tweeters question her mothering skills and get away with it—so she responded in true Brandi fashion.

"They both were clothed from waist down whatever! i was naked my whole life- ," Glanville tweeted, and responded to another user with, "It was evening & guess what mine do…I guess your a better person ur your kids wear more clothes ."

She even used the situation to make a joke. "You can't post a pic or tweet with out haters! I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents! ," Brandi tweeted (Lexapro is a medicine that treats depression and anxiety).

Do you think Brandi was out of line or are tweeters blowing this out of proportion? Sound off in the comments!

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