Halle Berry, Extant


Robot kids, moving photographs, mysterious pregnancies, Goran Visnjic in glasses – Extant has it all and more!

CBS' newest futuristic venture, created by Mickey Fischer and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, tells the story of Molly Woods (Halle Berry), an astronaut who returns home to her husband John (ER's Goran Visnjic) and her robot son Ethan (Looper's Pierce Gagnon) after a 13-month solo mission, only to discover that she's somehow pregnant.

The pilot gave us a few hints about the space baby's origins, but only enough to keep us intrigued. While on her mission, communications went down for approximately 13 hours. During that time, Molly was visited by her apparently dead ex-boyfriend, who was not dressed for outer space, and seemed to be unaffected by gravity or any lack of gravity. He also didn't show up on any cameras, and seemed to be some sort of hallucination. 

Her bosses are suspicious, and are apparently up to some no-good nonsense of their own. Later, another apparently dead coworker shows up and tells Molly she's not hallucinating, and tells her not to trust anyone. Helpful!

Meanwhile, John has developed a line of human-like robots called "Humanics," which is how he created the Woods' son, Ethan. John wants to treat Ethan just like a regular child, but Ethan is clearly not just like a regular child, and the previews for the rest of the 13 episode season seem to confirm that.

So for the most part, we've got no idea what's going on, but we're certainly interested. There are more than enough mysteries here that had us scratching our heads, so we'll definitely be back in search of answers.

So what did you think of Halle Berry's foray into television? Will you continue to tune-in? Let us know in the comments!

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