Courtney Love

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Today is Courtney Love's 50th birthday and she's dishing on the 50 things she can't live without!

Sex "obviously" tops her list of obsessions, she wrote in a list published Wednesday on xoJane in honor of the Hole singer's milestone year. (Seriously, where does the time go?)

Considering one thing led to another for Love, No. 2 on her must-haves list is her "proudest accomplishment," Frances Bean Cobain—her visual-artist daughter with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain

"Dirty songs," such as the musical stylings of Brooke Candy; "making reporters do their job better," by helping them find the missing Malaysian plane; "headline-making cleavage," and "epic kisses," including ones of the girl-on-girl variety, also strike her fabulous-at-50 fancy.

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And it's her enthusiasm for these dramatics and more that seemingly secured her newest gig.

"Acting, acting, acting. Including my newest role on Sons of Anarchy!" the birthday girl noted as No. 16.

Courtney Love

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In a role that departs from her rocker-chick image, the "Malibu" singer is set to make a guest appearance on SOA's upcoming seventh and final season playing the preschool teacher of Abel, eldest son of Charlie Hunnam's now-widowed Jax Teller.

Being secure in herself makes that departure possible, as Love also proclaims "owning who you are," as one of her passions she can't live without.

Nor should she!

Courtney Love

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Expanding on that one, which comes in at No. 42, she says: "Own what you are, and I mean whether that's art, or whether that's fashion, or whether that's music, or whether that's acting, or whether that's politics, or whether that's literature, it's own what you are and grab it and you know, be as prolific as possible."

The productive musician keeps with her "prolific as possible" philosophy and ends her list at 50 with the announcement of her upcoming book Girl With the Most Cake.

And even though she includes "keeping people scared" as one of the things she's enjoying most as she embarks on her next decade, she promises her memoir "won't be a kiss and tell."

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