Exodus, Christian Bale

20th Century Fox

Cinematic Moses is back and better than ever!

But the first thing you'll notice in the Exodus: God and Kings action-packed trailer is this biblical epic film is a far cry from the silver-screen classic The Ten Commandments.

Secondly, Christian Bale—who plays the Egyptian prince-turned-prophet leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt—is no Charlton Heston revealing the Decalogue on two stone tablets handed to him by God.

Oh no. This Ridley Scott-directed account goes all Old Testament and badass on us, choosing instead to focus on muscular physiques, a fire and brimstoned Egypt and most importantly, the battle between Moses and Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton).

The two "grew up together, close as brothers," but the visually stunning clip is all about their face-off as enemies, with Ramses threatening at the outset, "You say that you didn't cause all this. You say this is not your fault…So let's just see who's more effective at killing, you or me."

Undeterred, Bale's turn as Moses sees him strapping up his sandals, maneuvering an iron shield and wielding his sword as he goes up unsurmountable apocalyptic odds like a hailstorm from hell and deep rivers of bloody water.

In the end he makes an ominous proclamation to Ramses, "I came here to tell you that something is coming that is out of my control."

You'll have to find out what more that entails when the movie hits theaters Dec. 12. 

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