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Little size, big controversy.

The smallest clothing size is no longer double zero. J.Crew has just introduced an even more itty-bitty measurement: triple zero or extra-extra-extra small. As soon as XXXS—which is designed to fit a 23-inch waist—was announced, it was immediately met with criticism. Racked called the move "a new level of crazy" and posed the question: "What's next, negative numbers?"

Many more fashionistas believe the new 000 size is a marking ploy; made to deceive customers into thinking they fit into smaller duds.

But J.Crew swears the new size has nothing to do with trickery and everything to do filling demands coming from Asia.

"We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small," a spokeswoman for the brand explained to the Today show. "To further put into perspective, these sizes add up to the smallest possible percentage of our overall sizing assortment. Also to note, J.Crew's sizes run across the board to try and accommodate as many customers as possible…We run up to size 16, we carry petites and talls, and our shoe sizes run from 5 to 12. [It's] all based on customer demand."

Hmm…that seems up for debate. What do you think of the new triple zero size?

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