Prince Harry, Prince William


Prince William and Prince Harry want you, upstanding citizens between the ages of 18 and 29!

The royal brothers helped launched the search for exceptional leaders from across the Commonwealth to become the Queen's Young Leaders! To kick off the philanthropic program, Wills and Harry participated in a Google Hangout, even taking a totally regal selfie with 23-year-old entrepreneur Jamal Edwards.  

"Myself and William are here just to show our support for all the young leaders across the commonwealth—especially you guys and girls across the Commonwealth that have managed to get online and stay online for this amount of time," said Harry, 29. "A huge thank you from both of us for participating. The stuff that you guys do is inspirational, so don't stop now. This is the beginning!"

William, 32, wholeheartedly agreed, telling participants, "All the stuff that you guys are doing around the world gives us the inspiration to keep going—honestly, it really does. You set the examples. You set the pattern, and you give both of us a reason to go out and do stuff and go meet more people."

The program will select 60 young leaders every year for the next four years and support them in their work. The Queen's Young Leaders was launched in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 60-year contribution to the Commonwealth.

Think you've got what it takes? Well #TheSearchIsOn! Visit the organization's website for more information on how you can apply or nominate someone else to be an outstanding young leader.

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