Well played, David Letterman. AND Joan Rivers.

Days after the 81-year-old comedienne and co-host of E!'s Fashion Police made headlines for walking out of a CNN interview, the 67-year-old Late Show talk show host and fellow comic jokingly gave her a taste of her own medicine. Being the comedy pro that she is, she handled it swimmingly and even got to first throw in some shade for good measure.

"The woman was interviewing you ... what was the woman's name?"

"I don't know," Rivers replied, laughing.

The person in question was CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, who had appeared to anger the comic during an interview that aired on Saturday by mentioning what she called Rivers' "mean" comments about celebrities' attire on Fashion Police, her "shock value" and no-holds barred type of humor and even choice to wear fur. Rivers had defended herself on the show before slamming on a table a hardcover copy of her book, Diary of a Mad Diva, and ending the chat abruptly.

The comedian told Letterman she felt the anchor was "very judgmental," "very nasty" and "negative" and when he asked, reiterated that her response was not a "publicity" stunt to promote her book, which was released last week.

And then, all it took was a poop joke and the Late Show host, known for his equally-as-dry wit, got up, took off his jacket and exited stage left.

"So, where are ya from? I'll just take over! I'll talk to me!" said Rivers.

Not a problem for the comedienne, who has had her own talk shows and had expertly guest hosted NBC's Tonight Show at least 29 times when Johnny Carson was the host.

Watch the video to hear the comedienne's hilarious (and somewhat NSFW) "chat" with "herself"!

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