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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke's future together is anybody's guess—even their own.

"We honestly don't know," Robin's dad Alan Thicke told me yesterday while promoting Unusually Thicke, his pseudo-reality show on TVGN. "I'm sure they don't really know either. Robin's put it all out there. He's put it hard on the table and poured it into his music."

"He's suffering," Alan's wife Tanya said. "He's in pain. There's no doubt that they love each other. She loves him and he loves her."

The Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol actress and the singer split in February after nine years of marriage.

Robin has been on an unofficial apology tour to promote his new album, Paula.

A reconciliation "would definitely be the romantic payoff to this incredible speed bump."

Unusually Thicke

Matt Barnes/TVGN

While Alan and Tanya haven't seen Paula in awhile, they regularly see the estranged couple's son 4-year-old son, Julian.

Fortunately, Tanya said, it appears the young boy is doing just fine despite his parents' problems.

"Remember, his parents are always traveling and working," Tanya said. "I don't think Julian is suffering in that sense because that's how he knows mommy and daddy—on the road. He kind of went back and forth anyway. That really hasn't changed for him."

Meanwhile, Unusually Thicke will be coming back for a second season. The series is a reality show and sitcom hybrid in which Alan, Tanya and his high school senior son Carter adlib through pre-planned storylines.

They're already planning on a second season episode in which Carter accepts a fan's invitation to go to the prom—turns out the fan is a fellow teenaged boy.

"Our household is very pro-gay and very pro-gay marriage," Tanya said. "We thought of it together, but I give Alan all the credit of not only finding a way of making it fun and funny but also having a lesson to it."

Carter, who has a girlfriend, is totally up for the fun.

"I'm going to the prom with a dude," he said. "So what—it's 2014! I'm excited. It's going to be a great episode."

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