Pretty Little Liars, Miss Me x 100

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Are you guys as out of breath as we are? That was insane! Let's break that monster of an episode down bit by bit.

First of all, our little shipper hearts are nearly bursting with happiness right now. Ali confessed to Emily that her feelings were real and that those kisses were "not practice."  Aria went to Ezra for comfort about being a murderer, lovingly caressed his scar, and then they made out against the stove (bad idea, but whatever). Both couples later ended up in bed for sexy times, and it was all we ever wanted.

Caleb and his creepy mustache returned from his sadly canceled show (RIP Ravenswood), not wanting to break up Hanna and Travis, but unable to give much of a reason for being back (because "we got canceled" wasn't really going to work.) Travis was also there, without a creepy mustache, and we don't know what we want anymore.

Spencer and Toby made out in his truck and he promised she would never be alone, and it was great. However, that brings us pretty much to the end of things that are great.

In Mrs. D's Murder news, Spencer's mom is pretty convinced that Spencer's dad was involved, partly thanks to the help of a private investigator. So Mrs. Hastings is leaving Mr. Hastings, and planning to take Spencer with her. 

Unfortunately for everyone, Jenna's back in town, and apparently devastated about the loss of Shana. Aria tried to comfort her as a way to make herself feel better about the murder, while Emily and Paige filled in their new friend (whose name we can never remember) on the whole Jenna/Ali/Shana thing.

Mona confronted Ali in a church, and when Ali fought back, she recorded it and showed it off to everyone, including the Liars (and Emily), turning them all against their undead friend.

Later, Mona, Jenna, and Emily's unnamed friend all met up in their crazy shades to plot their continued attempts to get Alison out of town. Dun dun dun!

But that's not all, you guys! As the girls and their guys gathered together to watch the press conference that revealed the name of the girl in Ali's grave (a runaway from a hospital), the window suddenly exploded! They rushed outside to discover Toby's house on fire. As Toby ran inside, all the phones began to buzz…

Elsewhere, a gloved hand put away a cell phone as movers finished their work and said "Welcome home!" The gloved/hooded person grabbed a Barbie doll and leaned it up against a Barbie house wrapped in plastic. A is back, y'all (surprise, surprise), and he/she is moving in to somewhere! 

So what did you think? Are you even still alive after all that action? Can you breathe after all those kisses? Are you surprised A is back? Who do you think was following Ali in that car? Did you notice the look exchanged between Ali and Caleb? What was that about?! Join us in the comments for a great big PLL party! 

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