Meet Kayden Kinckle, an absolutely adorable 2-year-old boy who, like millions of other toddlers, is learning to walk for the first time. Unlike millions of other toddlers, he's learning to walk with the help of prosthetics and a walker, and the fact that's taking these steps at all is a miracle in itself.

Kayden was born with a birth defect called Omphalocele (when internal organs remain outside the body) and his umbilical cord was wrapped around his legs and feet in the womb, which led to some deformities. Doctors weren't sure he was even going to make it, let alone walk again, but after two abdominal surgeries and the amputation of his right foot and left leg, Kayden is proving the docs wrong, one step at a time.

Nikki Kinko, Instagram


Kayden's mother Nikki captured her son walking for the first time on July 4, and he is so precious in the video we can hardly stand it. Especially when he insists that he's "got it," as he adjusts to his new walker and his prosthetics.

"This video is really more than first steps," Nikki writes. "We celebrate his life as well and every step he takes will be to glorify God."

Kayden's family has started a campaign to raise money for medical expenses and extra physical therapy visits. You can donate toward his cause and learn more about Kayden at his GoFundMe page.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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