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Welcome to the Monday after 4th of July weekend, aka the worst day ever if not for the confused comfort of shows like Teen Wolf, which gave us a brand new teen wolf, and Under the Dome, in which more crazy things happened under that dang dome. Plus, an old non-favorite returned on 24, and we said a fond farewell to Beauty and the Beast, which basically wrapped up a crazy season with a nice happy bow and a secret government organization. So, if you're all cool with spoilers, break out the leftover hot dogs and potato salad and get ready to relive it all once more. 

Beauty and the Beast: Ding dong, the beast is dead! Of course, we're not talking about the show's titular beast – Vincent is alive and well, and considering joining a super secret government organization of secrets with Cat. It wasn't exactly easy getting to that point, though. Cat consulted her ancestor's journal, which just happened to chronicle a similar situation, and eventually decided to let Vincent's gem-enhanced powers take over in the quest to take down Gabe.

It was ultimately Cat who did him in, stabbing him with a pool cue in a surprise attack after de-beastifying him with the collar. JT is alive and well, with help from the super secret government organization of secrets that now wants Cat and Vincent to join them. Maybe they will, maybe they won't, but for now, they've finally got a moment of peace before all hell surely breaks loose again next season. 

Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf: Lacrosse is back, and despite the million other problems that Scott and Stiles have to deal with at present, they are very concerned about not being the hotshots they were last year thanks to the arrival of a new freshman, named Liam (Dylan Sprayberry). Solution? Use wolf powers to give him a broken ankle, then turn him into a wolf to save him from falling off of the hospital after being chased by the town's new evil thing.

Fortunately, the new evil thing (a teenager who ate his whole family) was taken out by a very helpful man with no mouth. So yay for that!

In other news, Stiles and Malia are getting super cozy (and adorable), but Malia is completely struggling with the whole school thing (which is understandable, since she was a coyote for most of her life). It doesn't help that Lydia's notes aren't so much notes as they are complete and utter gibberish to go along with the fact that Lydia's banshee senses are at full power, allowing her to help the deputy find some dead bodies.

And finally, Scott and Kira have devolved into adorable puppies who seem to have forgotten all that they just went through in favor of concerning themselves with grandma kisses and "is he my boyfriend?" and "is she my girlfriend?" You guys just fought a bunch of demon smoke ninjas and lost one of your best friends and first loves. Get over yourselves and live life to the fullest, guys! 

Under the Dome, Alexander Koch

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Under the Dome: Chester's Mill was completely devastated to learn about Angie's death this week, and an immediate witch hunt began to track down her killer. Both the creepy little girl (named Melanie) and Junior were suspected, especially since Junior claims to have blacked out around the time of Angie's death. An amateur autopsy seems to indicate that the killer was a guy, but we're not so sure Junior is responsible. Meanwhile, butterflies and other such creatures are going crazy, and basically eating everything, putting the town's resources in danger of being gone real fast. Plus: Big Jim continues to get crazier and crazier, firmly believing he's the chosen one and that the dome is constantly testing him. Ok, Big Jim. Whatever floats your boat. 

24: LAD: So who captured Chloe? Turns out, it was the infamous Cheng, who sucks just as much as ever. He needs to be found in order to stop a war with the Chinese, so Jack goes on the hunt, with help from Mark, despite his slight stupidity and recent treason. In the end, Chloe manages to turn the tables on Cheng and get away, but Cheng just lets her go, and turns his attention back on an old "friend," Audrey. There's just one episode left! We're not ready to say goodbye! 

So what did you watch tonight? Were you happy with Beauty and the Beast's season finale? Do you think Stiles and Malia are the cutest? Who do you think will survive the 24 finale? Did you have a hard time heading back to work today after the long weekend? Do you wish you had more fireworks to use as stress relief? Sound off in the comments!

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