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The human body is a wonderful, amazing and downright confusing thing. So it's understandable that some people grew up with very, very incorrect facts about how our bodies work.

Reddit recently asked its users what the biggest misconception they've heard or thought themselves about the human body, and the answers are hilarious, disturbing or disturbingly hilarious. Some of the responses are understandable, especially if they were young, while some will bring on many face-palms, which we have expressed in GIF form for your convenience.

Not that we're judging. We're still not 100 percent sure how babies are made.

Here are 21 crazy misconceptions people have had (or still have) about the human body. Some language might be NSFW, just FYI:

1. "The penis is equal to the length of one's hand from wrist to tip of middle finger."—ollitotter

2. "I had a 46 year old man try and tell me your intestines could wrap around the planet."—gingerrex

3. "That men need to have an erection to pee. A friend of mine told me this when she was 20 years old."—Deepbca

4. "Some guy in the gym the other day told me not to weigh myself after working out because depending on how hard I strained I may have put on 2-3 pounds of blood."—saints26

5. "Until I was eight I used to think that penises were babies. I was told when I asked about sex at a young age that "a girl takes a boys penis and puts it in her vagina." I thought this meant that the penis went into the vagina and then the vagina just absorbed the penis into the belly and it eventually grew to make a baby. I thought that men with bigger penises were long time virgins and men with smaller penises had had recent sex or were too young and their baby was still growing."—AskMeIfIAmAChair

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6. "My ex-girlfriend and her little sister in their younger days believed drinking milk would give them bigger boobs. Since they're black, they were convinced only chocolate milk would do the trick."—standupstanddown

7. "Once spent a lot of time trying to convince somebody that 'womb' did not mean 'vagina.' As far as I know, there is still a man out there who believes that fetuses incubate in the vagina."—somewoman

8. "I had a friend who thought that all women who have gone through puberty lactate."—AbigailRoseHayward

9. "When my brother was little, about five years old, he asked us at the dinner table, 'what happens when you fill up with food? Like, up to your head?' Apparently he thought that the human body was hollow and every time we ate the food just piled up inside. He was genuinely concerned of what would happen if you eat too much and then the food starts pouring out of you."—ccxxv

10. "My bf thought that all women's breasts had milk in them. The bigger the boobs, the more milk she had up there. I told him the way it actually works in between fits of laughter. He's in his 40's."—Princess-Todash

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11. "The color of a male's lip is the same color as the tip of his penis."—mrjack919

12. "This girl I knew (until she was 21 years old) thought that babies were delivered through the belly button. She was shocked when she found out the truth."—IAmDrinkingIcedTea

13. "I never actually believed it, but the rumor that Mountain Dew shrinks your penis. My entire group of friends believed it and tried to get me to stop drinking Mountain Dew."—EpicTaco9901

14. "When I was young, I thought women get automatically pregnant after getting married in a church because god willed it."—adobo_cake

15. "Woman refused to drink beer because she thought it would give her a yeast infection."—jontss

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16. "That because of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, men have one less rib than women."—ZadocPaet

17. "When you're born, the doctor decides if he removes the penis (making you a girl) or keeps it. That's why some boys are gay, the doctors started removing it, but then decided to not do so, so he is half boy, half girl. The girl who said this was about 12-13 at the time. Apparently her parents hadn't had the talk with her."— Amster2

18. "This was a misconception on my part, but as a kid, my parents explained to me at some point that if a black person and a white person have a child, it'll be half white and half black. I took this to mean that the top half of their body would be white, and the bottom half of their body was black. Or maybe zebra stripes. Needless to say, I was disappointed when I discovered the truth."—d357r0y3r

19. "That men have to squeeze pee out of their penis like a tube of toothpaste."—BigThorCat

20. "I met a girl once who was convinced that if you sneezed with your eyes open, they might pop out. CONVINCED. We were 17 at the time."—vaminos

And finally, the classic:

21. "Don't swallow the watermelon seeds or you will grow a watermelon in your stomach. Thank God for seedless watermelons."—stydolph

Also, shout out to our friend Trish who used to think that women didn't have colons. She thought only men had them. She only learned the truth in college. This post is for you, girl.

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