Fascinators, Princess Beatrice, Kate Middleton, Kate Upton

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In France, they have the beret. In America, the baseball cap. And in the U.K., there's another fashionable form of headgear that sets the Brits apart: the fascinator.

"They're really for special events," Bravo's Ladies of London star Julie Montagu—the blonde, bubbly American who married into British royalty when she wed the heir of the Earl of Sandwich—explains. "Weddings, certainly. And garden parties and Ascot. It's not a look you'd wear to the pub, but for certain events, absolutely."

Julie Montagu, Ladies of London

Briony Newman/Bravo

Yet not all of the 3-D hat-pieces are created alike. Which celebs have rocked the look and whose style should just be thrown into the Thames? True to form, the outspoken Montagu (who's already being hailed as the Brandi Glanville of her series, which airs Monday nights on Bravo) broke it down for us...

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