It turns out that a beautiful moment may be in the eye of the beholder.

Even though David Arquette successfully put a (huge) ring on Christina McLarty last week, what appeared to be a sweet, romantic surprise was actually rather mortifying for the actor's future bride.

"I proposed to her on the beach in front of a bunch of people and she got really embarrassed," a still pretty happy-looking Arquette told E! News over the weekend at Aspen Peak magazine's 10th anniversary celebration, which he hosted at the Aspen outpost of his club Bootsy Bellows.

But let McLarty explain...

Christina McLarty, David Arquette

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images for Aspen Peak Magazine

"We were at a restaurant in Malibu and there was this cute couple doing engagement photos, running up along the beach, and I was kind of making fun of them," she recalled.

"Like, 'how embarrassing, all these people watching!'" her fiancé interjected. "And then all of a sudden..." McClarty continued.

"I take her outside with our new baby, Charlie, and my daughter, Coco," Arquette concluded, "and then I ask her and she's like, ‘No, what are you doing?! There's so many people watching!'"

David Arquette, Christina McLarty


Yet she looked pretty happy! (And maybe a little embarrassed, now that they've shared the whole story.)

David Arquette, Christina McLarty


"I was so uncomfortable," the future Mrs. Arquette admitted.

At least she was "totally" taken by surprise!

E! News exclusively reported Wednesday that Arquette had popped the question outside a Malibu restaurant during a family dinner date with Coco and 2-month-old Charlie.

But just as when you're shooting a movie, sometimes to get it just ride, you need to take two. Watch the clip to hear about Arquette's "do-over"—and whether he managed the result he wanted the second time around! 

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