Big Brother, Joey Van Pelt

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It was time for Joey to face the music after her disastrous attempts last night to form an all-girl alliance, while we're still trying to figure out what on earth is so bad about an all-girl alliance. Is "all-girl alliance" even made of real words anymore, after how many times the houseguests have said it with a tone of disgust? We're pretty sure it isn't.

"Being a feminist," Joey felt she needed to do something big and crazy to keep from being evicted, so obviously, she dressed up like a guy, called herself Alex, and went on a rampage through the house. Paola was relieved that Joey was revealing her insanity, while some of the other girls kind of saw Joey's point: The guys are running this show, and it kind of sucks that the very idea of an all-girl alliance was so very abhorrent to them.  

At the vote, Joey tried to use her skill at competitions as defense, Paola just said she loved everybody and has a positive attitude. Despite Paola's lack of skills other than DJing and being positive, people couldn't see past Joey's "huge misstep." Literally everyone voted to evict Joey, giving Devin (whose arms, by the way, are out of this world) his wish for a unanimous vote.

The Head of Household competition involved kegs and balance beams, naturally, and the girls competed separately from the guys. Amber easily beat the rest of the girls, and Hayden was about to win when he fell off the beam, allowing Cody to win. However, Julie announced that Cody's foot had touched the ground before he won, so Devin was instead crowned HoH. It didn't really matter, though, since either way, the Bomb Squad is still in power. 

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, we learned that Caleb (who is just…ugh) has a huge crush on Amber, and is convinced that Amber has been looking his way, too. When he confronts her, all she can say is "I don't know." Clearly, however, the feelings are not mutual, so Caleb should probably stop referring to her as "his girl." Amber can do so, so much better.

And finally, while Joey, the first member of Team America, is already gone, the next member has been named: Donny! The groundskeeper (who Devin hilariously believes is a secret Navy Seal) is already kind of our favorite contestant, so here's hoping he lasts a little/a lot longer than Joey did. 

So, were you sad or glad to see Joey/Alex go? Do you love Donny as much as we do? Did you find it weird when Joey and Caleb were hugging, and she couldn't stop furiously rubbing the part of his back that wasn't covered by his terrible tank top? Head to the comments and discuss!

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