Justin Bieber Off the Hook With the FAA Regarding Bumpy Jet Landing in New Jersey Before Super Bowl

Singer and his entourage were detained and their plane searched for drugs upon arrival at Teterboro Airport when Bieber flew into town for Super Bowl festivities

By Natalie Finn, Senta Scarborough Jul 03, 2014 10:37 PMTags
Justin BieberDave M. Benett/VF14/WireImage

Sometimes with Justin Bieber it seems that, just as one legal door closes, another one opens. But maybe this will trigger a chain reaction of closing doors.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed in an exclusive statement to E! News that it has closed its investigation into what went down on Bieber's private jet when he and his entourage were flying to New Jersey for Super Bowl festivities earlier this year.

The Canadian star and his group were briefly detained at Teterboro Airport and later CNN reported that an investigation was ongoing into whether the passengers mistreated the flight crew and were smoking so much marijuana that the pilots needed oxygen masks. Authorities had searched the plane for drugs but came up empty.

"The FAA closed its investigation into allegations that passengers interfered with the flight crew on a Gulfstream G-IV aircraft that landed at Teterboro Airport on Friday,  Jan. 31, 2014," read the statement E! News obtained Thursday. "The FAA found no evidence that the passengers violated Federal Aviation Regulations."

So that's that.

Bieber was again detained by U.S. Customs upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport in April when he flew in from Tokyo. He was released after about four hours and it was reported at the time that Bieber should expect (if not always get) similar treatment every time he tried to enter the United States in light of his various run-ins with the law in multiple countries. 


The 20-year-old singer also doesn't appear to be facing any immediate fall-out from the cops being called to his Beverly Hills condo complex in response to a noise complaint this week.

A source tells E! News that the building's homeowner's association is looking into adding extra security for all of the residents—and not hiring more security to keep Bieber in particular in line, as a report suggested.

"No emergency HOA meeting has taken place but the association is looking into added security on an as needed basis to ensure the privacy of the residents is protected," the source said, noting that management and the HOA are working together to make sure all residents are up to date on rules and regulations.

"This is to protect the privacy of all residents, including Justin Bieber."

Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews

It looks like all will be quiet on the West-L.A. front, regardless—Bieber appears to be out of town for the holiday weekend.

He was spotted getting ready to board a boat with pals in Miami today.