On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian's competitive sides come out when the two sign up for a mud run, while Scott Disick decides to elevate his lordly status by shopping for a helicopter!

Scott meets up with Bruce Jenner for lunch, where the two discuss their mutual passion for flying planes and helicopters. Scott then gets the idea that he wants to own one...

Kim and Khloé go on a hike with Rob Kardashian because they are training for an upcoming Mud Run. Khloé notices that all Kim can talk about is working out and eating healthy, which makes her want to compete with Kim even more.

While hanging out at Kris Jenner's house, Kourtney gets spanked by Khloé, who is upset when her sister tries to get Rob to hang out with them instead of her!


Scott then brings up the topic of getting a helicopter pad for the backyard, just like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Wolf of Wall Street. Scott thinks that owning a helicopter will be a great way to avoid traffic and make traveling to places like Las Vegas a lot more convenient.

He wants to hire Bruce, who agrees to be his pilot. But can Scott convince Kourtney to go along with his crazy idea?

Later on, Kourtney and Kris go shopping at the mall and discuss Scott's growing obsessing with owning a helicopter. Kris begins to question herself when Kourtney mentions that she doesn't want to say "no" to everything that Scott wants to do the way Kris did with Bruce.

After Bruce stops by to give Scott a simulated helicopter flying lesson, Kourtney pulls Scott aside and tells him that she is okay with him putting a helicopter pad in their backyard. Scott thinks it's a trick at first, but Kourtney assures him that she's being serious.


As part of her training for the Mud Run, Khloé gets Kourtney to accompany her to an aerial yoga class.

Khloé finds it a bit challenging but Kourtney is a natural!


Scott meets with Ricarda from Heliport Consultants to discuss plans for installing a helicopter pad in his backyard.

When she begins discussing the rules and regulations of owning a helipad, Scott realizes there's a lot more work involved than he had originally thought...


Next step in the process is actually going to look at helicopters in person!

While the cost of owning one isn't cheap, Scott thinks it will pay off in the long run and Bruce is proud of him for pursuing his dream.


It's the day of the Mud Run and Khloé and Kim are off!

It's way more intense than Kim realized but she gets a lucky break in the competition when Khloé loses her shoe...


Kim pushes Khloé while she's down, but Khloé fights back and the two sisters begin wrestling in the mud!

Eventually Kim agrees to a truce and the two join forces to finish the race together!


Back at home, Scott gives Bruce an official pilot's uniform! Kris is apprehensive about them flying together but the guys are really excited about it.

Scott explains that while he doesn't own a helicopter just yet, having a pilot is the first important step in the process!


Kris pulls Kourtney aside and tries to talk her out of the idea, but Kourtney is adamant about the fact that she doesn't want Scott to resent her the way Bruce does with Kris. This makes Kris feel bad...

When Scott looks at the area of land that has been marked off in the backyard for his helicopter pad, he is surprised by how much more land it will take up. He is also concerned that it will be an eyesore and pose a danger to the kids...

Back at home, Kris asks Kendall Jenner if she thinks Kris is controlling. When Kendall points out that her mom has a strong personality, Kris admits that she can be overwhelming and she realizes that she needs to work on herself.

When Bruce comes over to visit next, he discovers that Scott decided to go with a giant slide for the kids instead of getting a helipad for himself!


Scott realizes that now that he has kids, certain compromises have to be made. He is, however, grateful that Kourtney allowed him to make the decision on his own instead of telling him what to do.

While going for a walk together in Malibu, Kris takes the opportunity to ask if Bruce finds her controlling.


Bruce says that she is but he also points out that she isn't a bad person and always has good intentions.

Kris said that she feels bad about her approach to certain things and she doesn't like hearing her kids say that they don't want to be like her. She apologizes to Bruce and he encourages her to let go a little more and let others figure things out for themselves instead of her trying to do everything on her own.

Could this mark the beginning of a new Kris?

Tune-in for a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians next Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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