Liv Tyler


Liv Tyler's dress falls under that category of fashion we just don't understand.

The Proenza Schouler style has the makings of a classic wrap dress but it's missing the fully-wrapped fabric effect. It's like the design duo ran out of that lovely blue patterned fabric toward the end. Now the poor HBO star looks like she's bursting out of her outfit!

Liv Tyler, Wardrobe Malfunction


Obviously that's not the case, nor is it the only problem with this precarious piece. Turns out the brunette beauty flashed the paps because this wrap wasn't wrapped tightly enough! So now we have missing fabric and a faulty fit. As much as we love this black-and-blue combo, two obvious issues make this a clear fail in our book.

Though considering how good Liv's leg look in this wardrobe whoops, it might not be so terrible. What's your take?

Liv Tyler's Half-Wrapped Dress
Do you love or hate Liv's half-done dress?
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