Taylor Swift


This photo of Taylor Swift has us longing for so many things: A Caribbean vacation...a time machine to the 1940s...legs that are long, thin and muscular...

The "Red" singer has been on a fashion roll as of late, and this ideal vacay design is just one more slam dunk style. Roll this Topshop puppy up into your carry-on and you're set for anything from a hot night at a Havana club to a breezy day in the Riviera sun!

Obviously, the way this frock fits the country crooner's frame has a lot to do with what makes it so pitch-perfect, but color and styling come equally into play.

A large, colorful print for summer is always a smart choice, but T Swift's giant white and green flowers take this from trendy (like a neon or Aztec print) to classic (like a Hollywood screen siren). The addition of a brown leather belt also helps give structure to the one-piece. But this A+ look wouldn't pop nearly as much without that killer red lip and yellow pump combo. Once again, this fashion lover's accessories totally define the look.

Can she please take us shopping??

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