Burger King Introduces "Proud" Whopper for San Francisco Gay Pride—Watch What Happens!

Fast food chain sends supportive message to LGBT community with rainbow wrapper that says, "We are all the same inside"

By Rebecca Macatee Jul 03, 2014 1:07 PMTags

Burger King introduced a new item this weekend for Gay Pride in San Francisco: The "Proud" Whopper!

This particular burger was packaged in a rainbow wrapper that read, "We are all the same inside." The "Proud" Whopper was unveiled to consumers in a way that made it seem like something new to the menu, and not everyone was immediately willing to embrace what they perceived to be different.

Burger King pieced together a clever video showing the varying reactions to the "Proud" Whopper. While many, particularly those dressed in celebration of LGBT Pride, embraced the burger, others turned it away.

"I just don't really believe in the homosexual lifestyle," said one man, with another asking, "Do gay people even eat fast food?"

And while the doubters were hesitant to try "a gay burger," pride revelers were eager to chow down. "It's about time," said one woman, with another adding, "It really does taste different...the meat is sweeter!"

But Burger King pulled a fast one on its customers, because the only thing different about the "Proud" Whopper was its name and the wrapper. As the customers in the video discovered the "We are all the same inside" message on the rainbow wrappers, it took a moment for them to process the message the fast food chain was trying to send.

"Everything's the same on the inside, but it's just the outside [that's different]," one girl told her friend, looking excited when she "got" that the burger's equality message also applied to people.

Now that's some yummy food for thought!