Yahoo for Community's reprieve—literally!

Fans of the late NBC show were thrilled to learn yesterday that the quirky sitcom had been picked up by Yahoo for a web-based sixth season, and star Joel McHale promises that those who tune in won't be disappointed.

For starters, horrible things are going to happen to the proverbial envelope.

"The envelope will be pushed and burned and had sex with a lot," McHale told E! News' Jason Kennedy during a studio sit-down Wednesday.

Sounds very promising—and in keeping with the ensemble sitcom's M.O. But while he was aware that the makers of Community were taking meetings in hopes of keeping the show alive, did McHale know that a deal was imminent?


Justin Lubin/NBC

"I was surprised," he told Jason. "I knew that they were still talking after it was canceled by NBC, then I got a call, they're like, ‘this is actually happening' —so then I quickly wrote a statement, it was very obscene and racist, and they made me change that."

Oh, Joel.

"And then I submitted it and they said, OK, and still made a couple of edits, so now, yeah, here we are. So we'll start production in the fall and people will hopefully come and find it."

Until then, of course, they can find McHale on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on E! hosting The Soup.

Watch the whole interview to hear how McHale handles the show's increasingly frequent forays into live telecasts, how he juggles fatherhood and work, and how he landed his role as a knife-wielding cop in Deliver Us From Evil, in theaters today.

Trust us, any and all of his answers will make you laugh.

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