Diane Stretton, Bracamonte Family

Courtesy of the Bracamonte Family

Have you ever had a friend stay over at your house for a couple nights and then they just don't get the hint that they had overstayed their welcome? Imagine that situation times a hundred and add a crazy nanny. 

Diane Stretton, who has been dubbed the "monster nanny," was fired from her nanny position a month ago. The problem was, she refused to leave the house where she was employed and basically barricaded herself in her room, claiming she wouldn't sign any notices of termination because they weren't, in her word, "legal."

When mom Marcella Bracamonte called the police, they told her they couldn't do anything because it was a civil manner and the nanny had to be evicted, even though she wasn't paying any rent. They couldn't forcibly remove of her, and she wouldn't leave, so basically it was a giant nightmare.

But now, Diane, 64, has finally agreed to leave the house by July 6, but only if the family agrees to her long and weird list of requirements.

The list of demands, as published by The DailyMail, reads as follows:

Agreement: I will voluntarily agree to leave by 6pm on 7/6/14 if each and all of the following conditions are met:

1. My WiFi and TV and house air conditioning and water must be continuously on until I vacate. Electricity in my room must be operational.

2. Bathrooms must be stocked up with TP (toilet paper) and hand soap at all times.

3. Marcella and kids must vacate the premises between the hours of 8am and 5pm until 7/6/14 whether I elect to leave during the day or not.

4. Between the hours of 5pm and 8am, I have full access to my room, the garage bathroom and the areas of the house between the front door and my bedroom. I will not linger in these areas.

5. I'm either given access to healthy food or given $200 to eat out. Said access to food shall be limited to hours between 8am and 5pm.

6. Neither the front door nor my bedroom shall be locked in a manner than prevents me from entering. This means the chain must be off and the locks cannot be changed.

In exchanged [sic] for the above, I will agree not to seek any of my legal remedies for your past violations of our agreement.

Diane has blamed the hot weather, the media camping outside the house and her health for not vacating the house earlier.

In an interview with KTLA on Tuesday, she called Marcella "a drama queen," and claimed the family cut off her air-conditioining, cable and Internet access after they fired her, and then even tried to feed her dog food.

Marcella, who has three children, has discovered that this is not Diane's first foray into legal issues, and that she has a long history of lawsuits, some directed at her own family.

"Anyone who looks at her crooked, she sues. I'm not going to bend for her," said Bracamonte. "I'm in charge, this is my house. She's not going to scare me out of my own house."

We smell a Lifetime movie coming from this!

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