Jimmy Kimmel's latest edition of Lie Witness News is priceless!

In the hilarious clip, Kimmel exposes fake soccer fans who clearly know nothing about the 2014 U.S. World Cup team.

"It seems like pretty much everyone has been talking about soccer this week," the 46-year-old host says. "So much so, we decided to conduct an experiment. We went out to Hollywood Boulevard and we found people who claim to be big fans of U.S. soccer and we asked those people how they think Landon Donovan has been playing so far. Now, if you follow soccer, you know Landon Donovan was cut from the team in May before the World Cup even started."

Landon Donovan

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Cut to Hollywood Boulevard. A producer asks one man his favorite play of Donovan's so far in the games. "When he played against Portugal," the fake fan answers. "That was a surprise when I saw that, 2-1."

"And the tricycle kick he did at the end?" the producer makes up. "Even I cried too," the man answered.

"Some people are saying that Landon Donovan's play is almost nonexistent out there in the World Cup this year, would you agree?" the producer asks another person, who answers, "No, he's good. He's still got one more in him. Still got one more good shot in him."

"Do you think Landon Donovan is living up to his famous nickname, 'Beckham Shmeckham,' this year?" the producer asks another woman. "Um, yeah. Pretty much," she obliviously says.

Watch the clip for yourself!

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