The Fault In Our Stars, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort

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Missing: A bench where Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort shared a tender kiss in The Fault in Our Stars.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland), on the bank of the Leidsegracht, one of the Dutch capital's many canals.

Time: City officials aren't sure how and when it happened, or why, but the bench where the young actors kissed in the romantic drama film is gone, replaced by a large, leafy, flower pot that blends in nicely with the charming scenery. The case, which (of course) spurred a parody Twitter account, remains a mystery, according to the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. The outlet reported on Tuesday, July 1, that workers plan to install a new bench later this month.

Amsterdam Bench, The Fault of Our Stars

AP Photo/Margriet Faber

The Fault in Our Stars was filmed in the summer of 2013. The bench was located in a popular tourist spot and contains many similar benches, which are situated in between lampposts, trees and bicycle racks (check out its location on Google Maps, as photographed in November 2009).

Prime suspects: Ordinary vandals with a fondness for benches and mayhem, frustrated residents unhappy with an increase in tourists and über-fans of the actors and the movie, which saw Woodley play a cancer patient who falls in love with a member of her support group. The film made more than $196 million worldwide since it was released on June 6.

And there's also another, less exciting theory.

"It was a damaged bench," a city spokesperson told Het Parool. "So it may have been taken away to be repaired."

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