The Galaxy has welcomed its new star.

David Beckham was officially introduced as a member of Los Angeles' Major League Soccer team Friday, hours after he and his wife, Victoria, made their much anticipated arrival in their new hometown.

The fleet-footed sports stud signed a five-year contract with the Galaxy back in January, with the goal of raising soccer's profile in the United States.

His deal with the team is worth an estimated $32.5 million, but endorsements could swell his profits to more than $250 million.

"This is one of the biggest challenges I've taken on in my career," Beckham said during a press conference at the Galaxy's stadium in Carson. "Potentially in the States, soccer can be as big as it is around the world. I'm going to be part of that for the next five years and maybe a few years later."

Despite his dedication to his sport, the former Real Madrid player made it clear that being a husband and father remains his top priority.

"The most important thing for me is family, second is footba—soccer, sorry," he said, adjusting to the new lingo.

A proud Posh, dressed for the event in a bright pink dress with matching bag, looked on lovingly at her mate as he spoke.

Beckham is scheduled to make his Galaxy debut on July 21 in an exhibition match against Chelsea, which is already sold-out. In the meantime, he's keeping fans apprised of his activities by blogging on his official Website. 

Beverly Hills' latest celebrity additions touched down at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday night just after 8 p.m., where they were greeted by throngs of paparazzi and admiring fans.

"It was incredible," Victoria Beckham told Ryan Seacrest in a radio interview Friday. "We weren’t expecting anything like that. It was a fantastic welcoming. It was really, really great."

Posh wore a sleeveless black shift and sunglasses for her L.A. arrival, while Becks donned a sporty black jacket and jeans. The couple smiled and held hands, but declined to comment. 

Security guards surrounded the twosome and escorted them to a waiting black SUV, which whisked them off to their new home, a $22 million mansion in the same neighborhood as pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The couple's three sons took the same British Airways flight but did not exit the terminal with them, opting for a more low-profile entrance to their new homeland.

"The kids went out a different exit," Victoria explained to Seacrest Friday. "We try to protect their privacy as much as possible. The kids actually think they’re moving to Disneyland."

The Beckham parents, on the other hand, are wasting no time in making a very visible first impression.

On the heels of Becks' Galaxy introduction, Posh's NBC special, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, airs Monday.

"You see me starting off in Madrid and moving over to America. I’m looking for a house, new people to hang out with," Victoria said of her show's storyline. "It's just me getting to grips with America. I have a very British, dry sense of humor. I hope that people realize that it’s comedy and I'm not taking everything too seriously. You really get to see me."

Now that she's a California girl, Posh said she plans to work on swapping out her famous scowl for a more cheery expression.

"I just don’t know what happens," she said of her typically sour mug in photos. "I'm really happy. I’m a really happy person. Maybe I'm a bit self-conscious. I'm going to try more, now that I'm in America. Since you all smile."

In other concessions to her new hometown, the L.A. transplant said she had already acquired her California driver's license and that she intended to hire an all-important personal trainer to whip herself into shape.

"You've got to have a beach body sort of all the time, haven’t you? " she said. "I've got to tone up. I've had three children."

Now that they've arrived in the so-called land of opportunity, the Beckhams plan to stay a while—at least for the length of David's five-year contract with the Galaxy, but possibly forever.

"We've always loved America. I don't reckon we'll leave," Victoria said.

Her husband concurred. "My family have now moved to Los Angeles," he said.

"In our life, everything is perfect."

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