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Good evening, TV watchers, and welcome to July. We don't know where June or all the other months went, and we're mildly convinced that it's still 2003 (if only), but at least our TVs know what day it is, so Pretty Little Liars was here to give us a few answers along with some new questions. Plus, the Real Housewives of New York finished up their Montana trip with a rodeo, while both Covert Affairs and Night Shift featured some important confessions. Read on to find out how it all went down!

Pretty Little Liars: Every week, we get answers, and every week, we're left with more questions. We now know how Mrs. DiLaurentis died (someone swapped her low blood pressure meds with high blood pressure meds), and we know where those swapped medications could have come from (the Hastings' medicine cabinet).

We also know that Mrs. D had been planning to blame Spencer for Ali's death, and then for the death of the girl who died in Ali's place, but Mr. Hastings blackmailed her in order to keep her quiet, meaning that all signs are kind of pointing at Mr. Hastings as the murderer.

But really, when have all the signs on this show pointed in the right direction? There's also the issue of the rat poison, purchased a week ago and left in the Hastings' shed, when the Hastings apparently don't even have a rat problem. Also: Did Mrs. Hastings actually go to a spa? Probably not, or maybe she did, and we're supposed to think she didn't? It's hard to tell. 

As Ali found out tonight, it's not so easy to go back to school after playing dead for two years, especially when you've got a rather large number of enemies to deal with. Elsewhere in Rosewood, Hanna's got black streaks in her hair and seems to be back to shoplifting super cute skirts that we would totally be willing to pay for.

Meanwhile, Paige rejected Mona's Anti-Ali party and warned Emily to stay away from Ali, Emily isn't sure if she still has feelings for Ali, and Aria and Ezra got pretty close to the reunion we're still a tad unsure it's ok to want. 

And finally: What is up with Ali's weird thigh wound? The doctor was convinced she was cut by a knife, but Ali claimed she hurt herself on a rock while blindfolded and trying to escape. When Hanna asked about it, she said she wished she was blindfolded when it happened. Was she stabbed by a scary clown? We kind of feel like anything is possible at this point. 

Covert Affairs: After a whole episode of competing with McQuaid in the attempt to locate Borz after last week's Chicago attacks, we finally learned what was wrong with Annie: She's been hiding a dangerous heart condition from the CIA. Luckily, she and McQuaid seem to have gotten past their differences, and he's not only willing to keep her secret for her after she has an episode in front of him, but he wants her to come work for him, regardless of her health. Meanwhile, Auggie's apparently moved on very fast with some chick he just met, but at least we got to see him shirtless! That's always fun. 

The Night Shift: When his boyfriend, Rick, had his legs crushed in a bus crash, Drew struggled with the decision to come out to his colleagues. It took him until Rick was being wheeled into surgery to finally say "I love you" and go in for a kiss in front of his coworkers, and it was a super sweet moment. 

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Real Housewives of New York City: Still in Montana for some reason, Kristen continued to blame Heather as the source of all her problems. The ladies went to a rodeo (actually very disturbing), and Countess Luann and Carole (a princess by marriage) did something we never, ever thought we'd see: They used porta potties. Like, we don't even do that if we can avoid it, and we are mere peasants. All in all, this Montana cray-cation ended on as good of a note as it probably could have. 

So what did you watch tonight? How do you think Ali got that scar? Do you think Annie will end up working for McQuaid? Can you believe it's July already? Can you tell us where the year has gone? Let us know in the comments! 

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