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Glasses up! Kelly Clarkson is offering a toast to her baby.

The American Idol trailblazer took to Twitter last night to share her elation at becoming a mother and let her fans know she's celebrating with her first sip of spirits in almost a year, writing "I still can't believe I made a human. #topthat #firstglassofwineintenmonths #pump&dump :)."

Good for the new mommy—who just gave birth less than a month ago—but what does "pump and dump" have to do with a post-baby alcoholic beverage?

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Apparently, the 32-year-old pop singer and mother to River Rose was alluding to more than wetting her whistle in her celebratory tweet.

Clarkson's post implies she's breastfeeding her little girl, as pump and dump refers to the process of using a pump to empty the breasts and throwing out the milk collected when a woman can't or shouldn't give their milk to their infants. The milk production continues so the mother is ready to nurse again—worry-free—when the child is hungry.

Awww, the caring crooner is just using "Babies first!" best practices when it comes to her newborn. And we're not surprised because the great mom can't stop fawning over her wee Rose on social media.

Just days ago, Clarkson revealed she's anticipating hearing her bundle of joy's audible happiness soon, "Is it weird that I wait every day to hear my little baby laugh ....I just really want to hear her giggle and all I get are quirky smiles :)."

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