Gerry, Owns half of New York


Any savvy man about town should know that someone is pretty much always watching. And, in this case, taping.

While on the streets of NYC, a guy boastfully claimed to be the heir to "half of f--king Manhattan," which thanks to another man's quick thinking became an insta-hit viral video.

But such a claim is sure to get people curious, right? Right. Cue the skeptics.

Sure enough, The Smoking Gun has since identified the braggart in question as Gerry Shalam, a New Jersey native who currently attends NYU.

Per the site, Shalam's father is a garment industry executive and his mom is an event coordinator who's also a member of the Allenhurst Borough zoning and planning board. (Gotta love the Internet and public records, right?)

Sounds like a perfectly well-off family, with the point being, however, that they're not Trump types.

But there are a million stories in the naked city...

Also according to the Smoking Gun, Shalam's dad may not own half of the big apple, but the father of his buddy—who can be seen in the background as Shalam takes center stage—does.

Per the site, the pal is the real real-estate scion.

FlatironConfrontation from Gothamist on Vimeo.

In the three minute clip, the young man identified as Shalam asks the taper to stop taping, and when he's informed that he's on the man's property and needs to leave, he belligerently fires back with, "My dad's in f--king real estate. You're going to tell me this is your property? My dad owns half of f--king Manhattan. You're gonna tell me this is a problem?"

He's heard claiming that his name is Gerry Adjmi, that his family has influence over the NYPD and that he's got close connections to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He also says that he's a lawyer at one point, but the man behind the camera didn't sound fazed.

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