Botched Before and After: Breasts, Noses and Even a Butt—See the Recap!

By Carrie Dilluvio Jul 07, 2014 3:01 AMTags
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She started with nose jobs at 15 and breast augmentations at 17! Despite the many repairs and reconstructions for both, she is still unhappy with the way they look. She is also a transgender and has vaginal reconstruction concerns. 

Dr. Terry Dubrow, Dr. Paul Nassif and special guest Dr. Alter meet with Kimber for her consultation and discuss what she would like done. They then step into the examination room to further discuss their objectives. 

"I'm in complete and utter shock that Dr. Nassif can give me any hope of any improvement," Kimber says in regards to her lack of success at getting her nose fixed by countless plastic surgeons.  

Dr. Dubrow examines Kimber's breasts and decides to remove her saline implants and replace them with silicone. He explains, "Silicone is a gel-like material that looks and feels like an actual breast." 

Dr. Alter then examines her vagina and they devise a plan to make it look more natural.

Next we meet Renee, who tells us, "I wanted the volume and the fullness back at the top of my butt."

She began to do silicone injections, but after about six months she began to have severe health problems. The silicone from her injections had spread throughout her body and caused an autoimmune disease!

Her doctor at the time suggested doing a surgery to cut out the silicone and remove the damaged tissue, which would cause minor deformities. Renee didn't want to do this so they placed implants in her butt to fill the empty space. Immediately after the implants were put in, Renee knew something was wrong because the implants were flipping! So, she quickly had them removed by a different surgeon. 

Renee meets with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif to discuss what her goals were for originally starting butt augmentations. Almost immediately Renee admits to the doctors that she has body dysmorphia, a personality disorder which causes her to have concerns that are disproportionate to her actual problems. 

They decide to examine her butt and notice there are many concerns, but both doctors agree that a buttock lift will do the trick! However, they believe that Renee needs to first work on her body dysmorphia before undergoing any further procedures.  

Jennifer is up next! At the age of six she fell face first on a hardwood floor, and growing up she was a soccer goalie, so she took many balls to the face.

Throughout high school she was teased about the size of her nose, so after high school graduation her mom agreed to let her get a nose job. 

After the first nose job she felt that her nose was smaller and her tip more defined, but there was a large bump on the side.

The doctor assured her it was just post-surgery swelling, but it never went away because it was actually her septum!

Two years later, Jennifer returned to the same doctor for a revision, but after the surgery the bump was still apparent—except this time she felt a metal wire sticking out the right side of her nose.

Jennifer meets with the doctors, hoping that they will be able to fix her nose, boost her self-confidence and give her a happy life again. She explains to the doctors that this is the source of a lot of her anxiety. 

The three head into the examination room and the doctors notice something extremely odd right away—there is a visible stitch in her nose. They also notice her septum is warped and parts of it are missing. 

Dr. Dubrow reassures Jennifer that they will "be able to rearrange the tissue so it's much more symmetrical." 

It's now time for Kimber's procedures and she is getting anxious. She knows that once she is finished with these final procedures, she won't look into the mirror anymore and think, "What did I do to myself?"  

Before being put under, Kimber has one special request: she wants her implants back after the surgery so that she can sell them on her website!

Once they begin the procedure, Dr. Dubrow realizes that one of  her implants was inserted upside down. He removes the implants and continues fixing her breasts while Dr. Nassif begins her nose surgery. 

In the meantime, Dr. Alter works on her clitoral hood and vaginal lips with the hopes of making her vagina look more natural. 

All three doctors meet with Kimber for the big reveals of her nose, breasts and vagina.

"I feel like myself again, I don't feel like a character anymore," she exclaims happily.

Jennifer is now ready for her nose procedure but she is having extreme anxiety about being put under anesthesia again. They use cartilage from her ear and skin from her scalp to straighten and strengthen her septum, which should make her breathing easier. 

Dr. Nassif refers to hers as one of the top ten worst deviated septums that he's ever seen. 

Before even seeing the final product, Jennifer is already in better spirits and in a more confident place. When she actually sees the final product, the room fills with emotion and tears of happiness. 

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