Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Milk Ad


This is a vintage advert for the Grand Rapids Creamery in Michigan that features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and a traumatizing joke about uh, milk? Maybe it's just an innocent little double entendre that the ad agency thought was clever and—wink wink—a little bit naughty, do you get it? (And they didn't have to worry about a #BoycottGrandRapids hashtag because it was the '30s and people didn't have Twitter, or the need to be so P.C. about everything). Maybe Mickey is actually a perve.

Either way, this:

Minnie: "Outside of you, Mickey—that milk is the best thing in the world!"
Mickey: "Inside of you, Minnie—my milk is the best thing in the world!"


(H/T Buzzfeed)

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