This Is Both the Best and the Worst World Cup Celebration Ever Recorded

Lesson learned: never high-five a television screen

By Jenna Mullins Jul 01, 2014 6:50 PMTags

Today we learned what happens if you high-five a television screen. And guess what? It's not a great result.

Last Saturday's Brazil-Chile World Cup game was a very emotional and extreme match that went into penalty kicks, and when Brazil's keeper Julio Cesar saved a PK by Chile's Alexis Sanchez to keep Brazil in the lead and eventually secure the victory, fans went berserk. But there's "going berserk," and then there is what this dude in the video above did.

So while we admire his spirit and dedication to his team, we have to judge him for his lack of critical-thinking skills. You know, the ones that tell us not to hit a TV screen as hard as we can.