It's safe to say Robin Thicke's Twitter Q&A did not go as planned.

On Monday afternoon, VH1 tweeted a message to fans of the "Blurred Lines" singer, writing, "Have a burning question for @robinthicke? Submit your ?s for tomorrow's Twitter Q+A using #AskThicke!" Unfortunately for Thicke, the Q&A was swiftly hijacked by Internet trolls and users with not-so-nice things to say about Thicke, his music and his latest efforts to get estranged wife Paula Patton back.

In fact, the Q&A backfired so badly that the hashtag "#AskThicke" has even been trending on Twitter all morning with lots of mean—yet funny—troll comments.

So how nasty are things getting? Read some of the hilarious hijacked "#AskThicke" tweets for yourself!

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