Nick Cannon Talks Living With Lupus, Going on 7 Years With Mariah Carey and the Reason Why He Put His Twins in a Children's Book

America's Got Talent host visited E! News Monday for a chat with Terrence Jenkins and Jordin Sparks

By Natalie Finn Jul 01, 2014 2:00 AMTags

Nick Cannon understands that "dem babies" have a following, thanks to all the photos that he and wife Mariah Carey like to post on social media.

But he also explained, during a visit to E! News Monday, that it's one thing to share pics on Instagram and Facebook.

"I actually don't want them to be in the business, but I understand that people have fallen in love with them and [they have] fans and stuff," Nick told cohost Terrence Jenkins and guest host Jordin Sparks.

Hence the upcoming Roc and Roe's 12 Days of Christmas, the proud dad's first children's book with Scholastic, featuring his and Mariah's son, Moroccan, and daughter, Monroe, as the main characters.


"They're like the new Raggedy Ann and Andy," the Wild 'N Out and America's Got Talent host joked, 'the adventures of Roc ‘n' Roe,' to see my kids come to life in a story book and all this other stuff."

Where does he find the time—and the energy—to host two shows, make his directorial debut with School Dance, pen this book, star on Real Husbands of Hollywood and...

"Run for office," he teased. "I'm gonna be the mayor of Beverly Hills!"

For real, though, Nick says that since he suffers from the autoimmune disease lupus, he fights chronic fatigue by staying healthy—and busy!

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"So my concept is, the more that I go and the more that I push and I stay on that regimen [in the gym, eating right, etc.], it kinda keeps me going so my body doesn't get the opportunity to kinda be like," he slumped, "‘Oh, I'm tired.'"

Nick attributes his many projects to just being an entertainer—and Terrence pointed out just how much he entertained at the BET Awards last night, when he gave Zendaya three bits of advice: "Save your money," "save your money" and "marry well."

"Hi baby," he gave a little wave to the camera from the stage.

Watch the full clip to see if Mariah still finds (or ever did find) his jokes about their marriage funny. And don't miss Nick tonight on E! News at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.