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Break out the gardening shears, we're going to need a whole new batch of roses soon!

With Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette winding down, ABC is already beginning its search for their next Bachelor. But will the hit franchise's producers once again look within the pool of eliminated contestants for its next star? 

"It's iffy out of this group, I have to admit. Usually, it's very clear cut and I'll say it's not clear cut at all who would come out of this group," host Chris Harrison tells E! News.

Still, Harrison says one of Andi's eliminated suitors could end up landing the gig, and yes, they are taking fans' opinions into consideration. "There's a lot that goes into it that people have to understand. Again, we listen our fans, whether it's social media or whatever, and we definitely want to please them because that's the whole point."

Though the franchise's last three Bachelors were all previous contestants (every Bachelorette has been a former contestant), Harrison admits he'd like to see the show change things up in Season 19. 

"As soon as we name it, we want everyone to be excited, but I don't know if someone will come off the show…because that's something else we've been kind of thinking about, maybe throwing a curve ball, changing things up. It'd be nice," Harrison spills. 

But if we've learned anything from our time as citizens of Bachelor Nation it's that ABC is most likely going to go with one of Andi's eliminated men. So, in order from the guy least likely to land the gig to the eliminated suitor most likely to take over rose-tending duties, here's our ranking of the men from the current season in the running for the Bachelor title. (Confession: Our cookie bias may have played a factor.)

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9. Dylan: We seriously have to Google Dylan every single time his name comes up, so… (Also, his favorite drink is apple juice.)

8. Brian: The basketball coach earns major points with us for listing Heavyweights as one of his favorite movies ("Lunch has been canceled today due to lack of hustle, deal with it."), but Bachelor material he is unfortunately not.

7. Cody: Heading to Bachelor in Paradise, Cody seems like he'd be a fun Bachelor, down to have a good time. But he's a little too Jersey Shore for the show, you know? GTLing? Sure. Wining, dining and participating in endless activities that serve as metaphors for opening your heart to love? Eh, we're dubious. 

The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, Nick V.

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6. Josh M.: Josh, a former baseball player, has a lot of charisma and an effortlessness about him that could either spell total trainwreck or goldmine when it comes to being the Bachelor.

5. Nick V.: After earning the first impression rose, we were sure Nick V. wouldn't end up lasting long in the competition, but software sales exec (Most unsexy job ever?) is still in the running for Andi's love. We're not sure he's popped enough yet to land him the Bachelor gig though, should Andi send him home sans rose.

4. JJ: Not going to lie, we'd probably apply to be on the show if JJ was the guy. He's a Pantsapreneur! He's 6'5! He's from Hanover, Mass.! Basically, he's an L.L. Bean ad come to life. Unfortunately, that is not everyone's cup o' tea and we think JJ might be a little too quirky. (Still: Call us!)


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3. Marcus: He's cute. He's a former pro athlete. (Though Juan Pablo Galavis may have tarnished soccer players' reps on this show permanently.) But is he a little on the young side, 25, to be the Bachelor? Possibly, but we could still see women everywhere rooting for him, especially if he makes it far this season only to have his heart broken.

2. Marquel: Though we hate to even mention our beloved cookie connoisseur in the same sentence as Juan Pablo, Marquel also went home fairly early in his season, similar to the most recent Bachelor. Still, that didn't stop him from gaining a pretty sizable fan base. But could his upcoming appearance on the franchise's latest series, Bachelor in Paradise, hinder his chances? Regardless, we'd love to see Marquel become master of the roses, especially because he would be the franchise's first African-American Bachelor.

1. Chris: Chris' best-selling point when it comes to being picked by producers as the franchise's next leading man? Dude is a farmer and we all know The Bachelor loves them a good theme (See: pilot Jake Pavelka's "On the Wings of Love" season.) Also, he's handsome. And a farmer! If anyone from Andi's season is landing the job, it's Chris.

The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Who do you think would make a good Bachelor? Sound off in the comments below!

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